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Your sex life with your current partner can be extraordinary, which does not mean that open discussions about sex, in all its aspects, from erotic to medical, should be ignored. So, what topics should you and your partner approach when it comes to sex?

1. Establish together what the limits are

Especially if you are at the beginning of the relationship and still explore what you like and how you like it in bed, you should have a face-to-face discussion about the limits of each one. That if, of course, you do not want to wake up in a rather embarrassing situation in which either you, or him want something that the other is just not willing to do. So, make clear what the limits of each of you are, what you are willing and what you are not willing to try, whether sexual toys are good in your bedroom, and so on. Do not forget to talk about your sexual fantasies to see how your partner reacts to that idea. In the worst case, fantasy does not become reality, which is not at all an end of the world. But if your partner is responsive, suddenly your sex life will become more interesting.


2. Discuss any kind of problems

Premature ejaculation, your inability to get orgasm, etc. - Any such problems should also be discussed before they become a cause of frustration. Together, you can find solutions: a medical consultation and appropriate treatment, new sexual positions, and so on. Do not silence the inconveniences that will separate you from extraordinary sexual life, no matter how hard you would approach - the partner will certainly understand any issue, and open talks will help you strengthen your emotional connection (which increases also the quality of sexual life).


3. Address the issue of contraceptive measures

Perhaps you initially preferred sex with a condom, but if the relationship became really serious, consider other options, such as contraceptive pills. At the same time, especially at the beginning of the relationship, a discussion about the sexual health of each of you is required. “In other words, a set of specialized analyzes is indicated, especially if one or both of you had multiple partners and / or you have practiced unprotected sex”, Jullieta says.


4. Discuss exclusivity

You can not always be sure that your partner you are currently seeing, sees your relationship as “exclusive”, especially if you are at the begining. At some point, however, at least in terms of your sexual health, the subject should be addressed. Find the right moment when you are both relaxed and talk about this. If you want an exclusive relationship, and he does not, at least you will know how things are going to happen sooner than later!


5. Discuss what can be improved in your sex life

Accommodating a new sex partner implies accepting that in order to get the pleasure you both want in bed, you will sometimes need to learn new things. Both you and your partner should be sufficiently open to accept constructive criticism to help the other feel great in bed.


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